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With the domain portal of iS-Fun, we give you the opportunity to quickly and easily query over 800 TLDs. You can then simply order the domain of your choice from us online.

iS-Fun allows you to register domains worldwide. In addition to the standard domain extensions such as .de, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .at or .ch, you can choose from almost all top-level domains in the world in the domain portal of iS-Fun. We will even register exotic TLDs, which you should not (yet) find in the domain portal and the price list, via an up-to-date inquiry with the responsible registry. Our claim is to register every TLD that is registrable. You can find all registration fees in “Registration Fees”.

For web forwarding and the use of our anycast name servers no further costs will be incurred. Our domain consulting consulting offers you all the advantages of portfolio management: we develop market-oriented strategies and handle the complete processing of the domain purchase, from the purchase negotiations to the transfer. Domain registration is a matter of trust: benefit from our experience, dating back to 1996. Our network with registries, registrars, and trustees guarantees the security of your domains.

Domain Info

We offer a service that is tailored to you, based upon your domain needs. Our team of specialists is available to you for private conversations throughout the whole process - from the booking up to the billing, we will answer all your questions and do our best to support you.


New TLDs

You are looking for a suitable and succinct domain extension for your company, brand or product name, especially if they are already in use under the previous TLDs, such as .de, .com, etc? Profit from nTLDs that will revolutionize your internet presence. Via our domain portal, you may place a binding order for a domain or simply reserve one. We will also take care of your domain trademark rights and the deposit of your brand name at the Trademark Clearinghouse.


Domain Portal

In addition to the common TLDs (top-level domains) such as .de, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .at or .ch, you can register more than 800 international TLDs directly via our domain portal. iS-Fun also offers you the option to register exotic domain extensions.


Domain Consulting

Do you need support in integrating your brand or company name into a domain? We are happy to help. The experienced domain experts of iS-Fun handle the complete process of purchasing domains that are already in use, from the purchase negotiation to the transfer – without any risk or cost. A personal portfolio manager is available for your support.


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