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At iS-Fun you will find a professional housing service
tailored to your needs.

Our "Server Housing" offer is aimed at professional users who already have their own server hardware and want to use our high-performance data center. We leave the configuration and management of your server to you, but if you request it, we can take over the administration of your servers either in whole or in part.

The server is connected via a dedicated 1 Gbps ethernet port. Our reliable and secure infrastructure guarantees the highest possible availability and security of your server:

  • Climate-controlled rooms with modern air circulation systems
  • Non-stop video surveillance
  • Multi-level access control
  • Uninterruptible power supply with unlimited capacity (batteries/diesel generators)
  • Constant network monitoring
  • Monitoring of your server and notification in case of failure
  • Remote triggering of a hardware reset if required
  • Remote administration via TCP/IP directly on the console of your server (keyboard/mouse/screen)
  • Green Hosting: Server runs completely with certified green energy out of water power

You have direct access to the server. You operate the keyboard and mouse and can read all monitor outputs as if the server were in your office. You have no restrictions on the administration and maintenance of your server. You have access to the BIOS and can work in "single-user mode" as if you were directly at the server - you can even trigger a hardware reset.

Upon request, we will gladly prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs. If required, we can also offer you the hardware, software, and administration of the server.

High Availability Server Systems

Cluster solutions and mirror servers within our network guarantee a maximum downtime of 3 minutes, even in case of total failure of your main server. Absolute security is provided by a mirror server located outside of our data center with a completely separate uplink. This is the only way of eliminating all single points of failure.

The "multi-redundant connections" that are promoted by many providers their weak point where everything comes together again: for example, directly in front of your server or in the case of power failure (despite UPS - as many incidents with major providers have shown in the past).

We will work together with you to develop a sensible, cost-effective security concept.

Server Administration

Our specialists are happy to take over the administration of your server. We charge for all necessary activities depending on your preference - either by a monthly flat rate or depending on expenditure.

If you would like to take over the administration of your server yourself, we can support you with our ServerAdmin-tool. It enables both the setting up of virtual servers, user accounts and domain registrations without having to have a good knowledge of LINUX, as well as the detailed parameterization of the server for LINUX specialists. ServerAdmin provides the following functionality:

  • Free definition of account types (virtual servers, POP3 accounts, reservations...)
  • Transparent setup of any number of accounts and the option to make special adjustments
  • Modification of server configurations (e. g. Apache settings)
  • Online domain registration
  • Database with report functions for customer/account management
  • Complete accounting (billing, dunning...)

Our ServerAdmin has a modular structure that allows us to put together all the required functions for you.

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