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The integration of brand names or company names in top-level domains and a comprehensive domain portfolio are components of modern corporate communications.

We advise and assist you in optimizing and completing your existing portfolio of top-level domains.

Our specialized portfolio managers will advise you on:

  • Well-founded and market-driven target/actual analyses of your domain portfolio
  • The development of targeted domain strategies
  • The preparation and execution of domain registrations and the complete process of the domain purchase, even with foreign domain owners
  • The technical and administrative monitoring of your domain portfolio

Unfortunately, suitable domains are often already taken - either coincidentally or with the intention of selling them to you for a large sum in return.

WIf your domain name is protected by trademark law, you can take legal action against the owner of the domain. However, you may face high legal and litigation costs, especially if you have to sue internationally. Even the frequently offered dispute settlement processes are always paid by the plaintiff. In most cases, it is better to engage in negotiations with the domain owner.

We advise you comprehensively, take care of the complete process of the domain purchase from the negotiations to the transfer and thus offer you maximum chances for success - risk-free and cost-effective:

  • Preparation and execution of independent purchase negotiations and monitoring of domain transfer
  • Processing the domain purchase with international domain owners
  • Risk-free purchase, as you pay the price directly to us
  • A lower purchase price, as the domain seems less valuable to us than it does to you from the seller's point of view.

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