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Via our domain portal, you can easily and conveniently query the availability of your desired domains or get details on a taken domain (Whois extract).

The free domains that the search brings up are displayed with prices and registration conditions and can be registered directly online. Taken domains can be monitored by us daily. We will inform you as soon as a domain becomes available.

Domain Registration

In addition to the common TLDs (top-level domains) such as .de, .de, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .at, or .ch you can register more than 800 international TLDs directly via our domain portal.

We will register the domain in your name and you or your customer will be registered as the domain owner at the domain allocation organization. That way, you or your customer receive all rights to the name.

Since many international domain extensions require certain conditions for registration (such as residence in the respective country), we have set up a trustee service for you. We can meet this requirement through partner organizations or own subsidiaries in many countries. We transfer the right of ownership of these domains to you or your customer.

Please note that by registering, the domain owner enters a contract with the respective registry (e.g. DENIC eG for .de-Domains).

Name Server Usage

The price of each domain registration includes the use of our name servers free of charge. Our Secondary nameserver is located in two anycast clouds at 38 locations across all continents. Most of these sites additionally have redundancy with two independent servers each.

Anycast technology allows for the operation of multiple servers in different locations via a single IP address. The client always reaches the name server to which the shortest route leads. This will allow us to reach your web server or DNS zone:

  • Maximum availability
  • Low latency for DNS queries
  • Resistance to DDoS attacks

Because of the extremely high resistance to DDoS attacks, this technology has been used for some time for root name servers and is required for operating the new top-level domains. The IP packet of the attackers will only ever go to the nearest name server so that even with a giant DDoS-botnet, not all locations can be endangered.

For more information about the anycast technology, see for example here.


You can find the prices and conditions of all top-level domains in our domain portal. If you can't find certain TLDs, we will be happy to research them for you if you request it. Our offers are aimed exclusively at commercial users (companies, advertising agencies, web designers and resellers). All prices are strictly net, plus VAT if applicable.

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